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Fig. 1

From: Balancing selection and recombination as evolutionary forces caused population genetic variations in golden pheasant MHC class I genes

Fig. 1

Geographic sampling locations of wild golden pheasants in China. The green zone represents the Qinling-Daba Mountain (QDM), which spans across central and western China, while the blue curve indicates the Yangtze River running from east to west China. Red dots mark all wild populations sampled for our study, and the population abbreviations are as follows: LX, Linxia; TS, Tianshui; BJ, Baoji; CQ, Changqing; FP, Foping; NS, Ningshan; JG, Jiange; QC, Qingchuan; LC, Lichuan; HN: Hunan; QJ: Qianjiang; GZ, Guizhou. This figure was created based on the map of China (

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