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Fig. 3

From: Balancing selection and recombination as evolutionary forces caused population genetic variations in golden pheasant MHC class I genes

Fig. 3

Bayesian trees of IA 1-E2 nucleic (a) and amino (b) acids, IA2-E3 nucleic (c) and amino (d) acids, and the recombination between exons 2 and 3 in IA1 (e) and IA2 (f). The NJ tree was not shown, but was similar to the Bayesian trees. The sequences used to generate the trees are as follows: Gallus gallus: Gaga-BF1*01 (Z54314.1), Gaga-BF1*02 (Z54318.1), Gaga-BF1*03 (Z54320.1), Gaga-BF1*04 (Z54322.1), Gaga-BF1*05, Gaga-BF2*01 (Z54315.1), Gaga-BF2*02 (Z54316.1), Gaga-BF2*03 (Z54317.1), Gaga-BF2*04 (Z54319.1), Gaga-BF2*05 (Z54321.1); Meleagris gallopavo: Mega-Ia1*01 (FJ917378.1), Mega-Ia1*02 (FJ917382.1), Mega-Ia1*03 (FJ917384.1), Mega-Ia1*04 (FJ917380.1), Mega-Ia1*05 (DQ993255.2), Mega-Ia2*01 (DQ993255.2), Mega-Ia2*02 (FJ917381.1), Mega-Ia2*03 (FJ917379.1), Mega-Ia2*04 (FJ917383.1); Coturnix japonica: Coja-B1 (AB005529.2), Coja-B2 (AB005530.1), Coja-C (AB005527.1), Coja-D1 (AB078884.1), Coja-D2 (AB078884.1), Coja-E (AB078884.1); Tetrao tetrix: Tete-BF1 (JQ028669.1), Tete-BF2 (JQ028669.1); Tympanuchus cupido: Tycu-IA-E3*01-*14 (JX237356-69), Tycu-IA (JX971120.1); Numida meleagris: Nume-BF2*01 (EU430728.1), Nume-BF2*02 (EF643463.1); Acrocephalus arundinaceus: Acar-MHC-I (AJ005503.1); Larus scopulinus: Lasc-UAA (HM015819.1), Lasc-UBA (HM015820.1), Lasc-UCA (HM015821.1), Lasc-UDA (HM008716.1); Calidris canutus: Caca-UA (KC205140.1); Anas platyrhynchos: Anpl-UAA (AY885227.1), Anpl-UBA (AY885227.1); Anser anser: Anan-MHC-I (AY387652.1). Sphenodon punctatus sequence: Sppu-U (DQ145789.1) was used to root the tree

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