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Table 4 Summary of AMOVA results for MHC class I loci from golden pheasant populations

From: Balancing selection and recombination as evolutionary forces caused population genetic variations in golden pheasant MHC class I genes

Source of variation df SS Variance components Percentage of variation Fixation index P
Between groups 1 26.77 Va: 0.07 4.07 F 0.041 <0.00001
Among populations within groups 7 30.08 Vb: 0.04 2.28 FSC 0.024 <0.00001
Within populations 649 1030.58 Vc: 1.59 93.65 FST 0.064 <0.00001
  1. Notes: Significance tests are based on 1,023 permutations. AMOVA, analysis of molecular variance; df, degree of freedom; SS, sum of squares of deviations from mean