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Fig. 5

From: The temporal window of ecological adaptation in postglacial lakes: a comparison of head morphology, trophic position and habitat use in Norwegian threespine stickleback populations

Fig. 5

Comparison of head shape in North American and Norwegian threespine sticklebacks. Landmark-based head shape (PC1 versus PC2) in one Norwegian marine (blue symbols) and twentyfive freshwater stickleback populations (black symbols) compared with to sets of the North American ecologically divergent species pairs (Lake Paxton (pink symbols) and Priest lake (red symbols)). Circles denotes 50 % ellipses of each group. Population-morphs codes are as follows: Priest lake benthic (PR-B), Priest lake limnetic (PR-L), Paxton lake benthic (PA-B), Paxton lake limnetic (PA-L), Norwegian marine population at the island of Andøya (NO-M) and the 25 freshwater lakes (NO-F). The head shape (based on MorphoJ analyses) represents individuals at outer margins of the distribution on both axis

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