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Fig. 3

From: Evolution of a global regulator: Lrp in four orders of γ-Proteobacteria

Fig. 3

Comparison of Lrp orthologs grouped by order. a The ten Lrp sequences from each order were used to generate aligned Logos, in order to compare globally- (Glb at right) and locally-acting (Loc) orthologs. The orders are abbreviated: Ent = Enterobacteriales, Vib = Vibrionales, Alt = Alteromonadales, Pas = Pasteurellales. The vertical arrows indicate positions of lysine acetylation (blue, from [47]) or formation of the coregulator binding pocket (red). See text for details. b Two-sample Logo comparing the global (Ent + Vib) and local (Pas) Lrp orthologs. Letters between the lines indicate amino acid residues that are conserved in both sets, symbols above the lines are selectively enriched in the globally-acting Lrp set, and symbols below the lines are selectively enriched in the locally-acting Lrp set

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