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Fig. 1

From: Evolution in an extreme environment: developmental biases and phenotypic integration in the adaptive radiation of antarctic notothenioids

Fig. 1

Morphological variation of the head corresponds to niche partitioning among notothenioids. a Comparison of head shape between Cryodraco antarcticus and Notothenia coriiceps, which represent opposite ends of PC1. Ball and stick plot showing the vector displacements of corresponding landmarks from the mean head shape of all notothenioids analyzed in lateral and frontal views. b Phylo-morphospace of notothenioids. Shaded area indicates the region occupied by icefish. PC1 explains 64.93 % of the variance, PC2 explains 6.41 %. Species are grouped according to feeding habitats. Blue square: benthic; Red triangle: intermediate; Orange circle: pelagic; Green diamond: unknown

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