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Fig. 4

From: Extremophile Poeciliidae: multivariate insights into the complexity of speciation along replicated ecological gradients

Fig. 4

Scatterplots of body shape vs. life-history divergence vector scores (derived from the H2S-term in the MANCOVAs) for (a) each sulfidic complex, and (bd) pregnant female G. holbrooki from the three sulfide springs (sites 5, 8 and 10) in Florida. (e) Relationship between pairwise F ST (as a proxy for gene-flow, see Additional file 1: OSM 6) and phenotypic divergence (data for G. affinis not available) and (f) relationship between phenotypic divergence and H2S-concentrations (data for G. hubbsi not available). Black circles represent sulfidic systems inhabited by Gambusia, grey circles represent sulfidic systems inhabited by Poecilia; numbers correspond to sites as described in Table 1. Regression lines and 95 % CIs in grey are shown for significant correlations (see main text)

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