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Fig. 2

From: Phylogeography of the Spanish Moon Moth Graellsia isabellae (Lepidoptera, Saturniidae)

Fig. 2

Population structure and demography of G. isabellae as from mitochondrial data. a Values of fixation indices (F CT = among groups differentiation; F SC = among populations within groups differentiation; F ST = total differentiation among populations) obtained by SAMOVA from a predefined number of groups (K) ranging from 1 to 9. b Mismatch distributions of polymorphic clusters resulting from STRUCTURE. Model of sudden expansion fit to data. Blue lines show the observed distribution of pairwise nucleotide differences. Red lines were obtained by fitting θ0, θ1 and τ by using the method of nonlinear least squares. Black dashed lines are the empirical 95 % confidence intervals for the mismatch distribution

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