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Fig. 3

From: Phylogeography of the Spanish Moon Moth Graellsia isabellae (Lepidoptera, Saturniidae)

Fig. 3

Population structure and phylogeny of G. isabellae as from nuclear microsatellites. a Bayesian assignment probabilities for K = 2 and K = 6 revealed by STRUCTURE. Each vertical bar corresponds to one individual. Each background represents the proportion of membership of individuals to the inferred hypothetical groups of populations. Names above the plot represent population codes (Table 1). b Unrooted NJ tree of clusters based on D C chord distance. Percentages correspond to the bootstrap support values. c UPGMA tree based on the estimated Kullback–Leibler divergence between the 19 homogeneous groups obtained by a non-spatial Bayesian cluster analysis implemented in BAPS. Information on the right (#LX) indicates number of individuals (#) from a given site (LX) assigned to that cluster

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