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Table 1 Results of univariate GLMs using SOP-values as the dependent variable. Effects that were retrieved as significant by the GLM and showed |r S| > 0.5 in post-hoc Spearman rank correlations, are highlighted in bold

From: Does personality affect premating isolation between locally-adapted populations?

  F p
(a) Con- versus heterospecific male
  Exploration 5.42 0.030
  Freezing time 4.74 0.040
   Exploration × freezing time 4.53 0.045
(b) Large versus small conspecific male
  Exploration 7.92 0.010
  Size difference of focal males 8.80 0.008
   Size female 19.33 <0.001
   Exploration × size difference of focal males 11.89 0.003