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Table 5 Summary of genetic distances of COI and H3 in three European Collembola species (Ceratophysella denticulata, Folsomia quadrioculata and Isotomiella minor). Mean p-distances are in percent with standard deviation (a) between and within populations, (b) geographic regions, and of (c) geographic clusters with exceptionally low genetic distances

From: Founder events and pre-glacial divergences shape the genetic structure of European Collembola species

  C. denticulata F. quadrioculata I. minor
Geographic cluster COI H3 COI H3 COI H3
NO-ES2      14.6 0.5
ME-IT 16 5.7     
GR-IT      1.9 0.3
AT-FR 0.3 2.7     
AT-DE    5.2 2 7.3 0.5
RU2-RS 9.8 2.9     
AT-PL-RU1      0.9-4.3 0.6-1
NO-DE-FR    14.1-14.7 1.7-2.7   
HR-DE-PL-NO 6.3-10.5 2.4-7.9