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Table 1 List of key parameters

From: Skill learning and the evolution of social learning mechanisms

Name Description Values
R Number of resources species 250
Q r Maximum energy reward of resource N(0.1,0.1)
  type r  
H r Practice time needed before obtaining  
  half the maximal reward 0.1..10
S r Scalar for the sigmoid function  
  describing how rewards increase  
  with practice 1..4
EC Rate at which resource  
  types are replaced by new types 0..R types per year
N Population size 100
G Maximum number of foragers in a group 20
COPY_SPACE Distance at which foragers  
  can observe what their neighbors 20
  are doing  
K Effectiveness of  
  observational learning 0.1
λ i Reinforcement learning rate 0..1
ε i Exploration rate 0..1
γ i Stimulus enhancement 0..1
ω i Probability to OBSERVE neighbor 0..1
τ i Duration of OBSERVE 0.01..1 min
  1. Upper case letters and names: invariant parameters that do not change during simulations. Greek letters: parameters that can evolve but are invariant during a forager’s lifetime. Subscripts: i= forager identity; r= resource type