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Fig. 7

From: Drosophila pachea asymmetric lobes are part of a grasping device and stabilize one-sided mating

Fig. 7

Female oviscapt valves are asymmetrically twisted during copulation and symmetric in resting position. a Genitalia of a D. pachea female in resting position. b Genitalia of a D. pachea female at 10 min after the start of copulation, with the male removed, in ventral view; c in left lateral view and d in right lateral view. Note the impressions left by the male’s epandrial lobes, lateral of the oviscapt, in panels bd (arrows). Abbreviations: es, eversible sheath (intersegmental membrane between 7th sternite and oviscapt valves); ovv, oviscapt valves; S7, 7th sternite; T7, 7th tergite; vu, vulva. Scale bar is 100 μm

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