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Fig. 11

From: A toothed turtle from the Late Jurassic of China and the global biogeographic history of turtles

Fig. 11

The biogeographic history of derived turtles following their primary origin through dispersal. a dispersal during the Cretaceous; b dispersal during the Paleogene; c dispersal during the Neogene; d the current distribution of turtle clades. Shaded areas highlight the distribution of turtle clades at the beginning of a particular time bin as inferred from the fossil record (see Fig. 10). Arrows highlight paths of freshwater aquatic or terrestrial dispersal. For simplicity, all island taxa and groups adapted to coastal and marine settings are disregarded. Abbreviations: Ad = Adocusia; Ca = (Pan)-Carettochelyidae; Cd = (Pan)-Chelydridae; Ch = Chelidae; Co = Compsemys; Em = Emydidae; Ge = (Pan)-Geoemydidae; Ki = Kinosternidae; Ma = Macrobaenidae; Si = Sinemydidae; Td = (Pan)-Testudinidae; Tr = (Pan)-Trionychidae

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