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Fig. 1

From: Why do different oceanic archipelagos harbour contrasting levels of species diversity? The macaronesian endemic genus Pericallis (Asteraceae) provides insight into explaining the ‘Azores diversity Enigma’

Fig. 1

Geographic setting of the study archipelagos: Azores and Canaries in Macaronesia (above) and islands of occupancy of Pericallis lineages used in this study. Islands: F, Faial; P, Pico; SJ, São Jorge; T, Terceira; SM, São Miguel; SA, Santa Maria; LP, La Palma; EH, El Hierro; LG, La Gomera; Te, Tenerife. Island ages are maximum ages in Myr taken from Caujapé-Castells (2010). Taxa: MA, P. malvifolia subsp. malvifolia; CA, P. malvifolia subsp. caldeirae; PA, P. papyracea; MU, P. murrayi; ST, P. steetzii; EC, P. echinata; CR, P. cruenta. A black circle is used to indicate the presence of the island Graciosa, which does not host any populations of P. malvifolia and, therefore, was not sampled in this analysis. Photos (left to right): P. malvifolia subsp. caldeirae, Azores, São Miguel, Lagoa do Fogo, photo credit: H. Schaefer; P. malvifolia subsp. malvifolia, Azores, São Miguel, Madrugada, collection: Jones et al. 282, photo credit: José Martins; P. echinata, Canaries, Tenerife, Teno, collection: Jones et al. 195, photo credit: KE Jones; P. cruenta, Canaries, Tenerife, La Orotava, collection: Jones et al. 243, photo credit: KE Jones

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