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Fig. 3

From: Why do different oceanic archipelagos harbour contrasting levels of species diversity? The macaronesian endemic genus Pericallis (Asteraceae) provides insight into explaining the ‘Azores diversity Enigma’

Fig. 3

Discriminant Analysis of Principal Components showing the genetic clustering of populations of Pericallis lineages analysed in the Azores and Canaries based on AFLP data. Each bar represents one individual plant. (a) 76 individuals from the Azores (K = 3). Pericallis malvifolia subsp. malvifolia is separated into different island groupings: Central island subsp. malvifolia and Eastern island subsp. malvifolia. Taxon names and island groupings are indicated above the plot. Island names are indicated below the plot and separated by bold lines. (b) 69 individuals from the Canaries (K = 5). Taxon names are indicated above the plots and island names are indicated below the plot separated by bold lines

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