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Fig. 1

From: Arginine deiminase pathway enzymes: evolutionary history in metamonads and other eukaryotes

Fig. 1

Distribution of enzymes of the arginine deiminase pathway across eukaryotic diversity. Arginine deiminase (ADI), ornithine transcarbamylase (OTC), carbamate kinase (CK). Taxon names in boldface indicate lineages containing at least one representative with a sequenced nuclear genome. Numbers in brackets indicate number of sequences from the given taxon included in our analyses. Colored rectangles indicate major eukaryotic groups as follows: dark brown – Metamonada; light brown – Discoba; violet – Opisthokonta; blue – Amoebozoa; cyan – Breviatea, green – Archaeplastida; orange – Cryptophyta; yellow – Haptophyta; red – SAR. Excavata, Amorphea, and Diaphoretickes are names of the 3 putative largest clades of eukaryotes as proposed in Adl et al., 2012; relationships between them are not resolved

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