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Fig. 8

From: The first fossil salmonfly (Insecta: Plecoptera: Pteronarcyidae), back to the Middle Jurassic

Fig. 8

Distribution of selected character states, (phylogeny after [32], complemented by data from [1] and [41]; ‘Pteroliriope’ placed as under the cladotypic approach, i.e. it is a taxon which includes the species sinitshenkovae sp. nov. and the taxon Pteronarcys dis.-typ. nov.). a, In the distal half of the wing, in the areas between branches of M and CuA, crossveins absent (blue) vs. numerous (orange); (b), First cross-vein in the area between the anterior wing margin and ScP not short, strong and oblique (blue) vs. short, strong and oblique; (c), Forewing, number of AA2 branches, three or less (blue) vs. more than three (orange); (d), Fore- and hind wing, M occasionally with more than two branches, no (blue) vs. yes (orange); (e), Forewing, area between R/RP and M basal to the fork of M with regular width and without cross-veins (blue) vs. broad and with cross-veins (orange); (f), Forewing, cross-veins in the areas between branches of AA2, none occurring (blue) vs. occurring (orange)

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