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Fig. 9

From: The first fossil salmonfly (Insecta: Plecoptera: Pteronarcyidae), back to the Middle Jurassic

Fig. 9

Comparation of posterior part of male postabdomen of three species (including Pteroliriope sinitshenkovae tax. et sp. nov.) belonging to all known genera of the family Pteronarcyidae (a), with same color coding for the same segments (9th segment, gray; hemitergal lobe, green; ahl, light green; mhl, moderate green; phl, dark green; ip, dark blue; lb, light blue; pgp, orange; sbl, red; abs, purple; sa, pink; cerci, yellow), and the hypothesis of evolution of segments of the hemitergal lobes (b). a.1, b.1, Pteronarcella badia (Hagen, 1874) [12], modified from Fig. 35 in [14]; a.2, b.2, Pteroliriope sinitshenkovae tax. et sp. nov.; a.3, b.3, Pteronarcys scotti Ricker, 1952 [29], modified from Fig. 64 in Nelson and Hanson, 1971

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