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Fig. 1

From: Multigene phylogenetic analysis redefines dung beetles relationships and classification (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae)

Fig. 1

PartitionsĀ and model adequacy assessment. Left graph shows per partition p-values for every gene. The p-values test a null hypothesis that model applied to partition is adequate based on multinomial test statistics in PuMA (histogram for the 16 S gene on the top exemplifies multinomial test statistics). Partitions with values within the 95% two-tailed confidence interval are shown with red circles (null hypotheses is supported), while those with values outside the tails of the distribution are blue circles (they are excluded from dataset DT3). P-value approaching 0.5 correspond to highest model adequacy. Partitions consist of a priori data blocks based on secondary structure (rDNA genes), codon position (COI and Wg) or codon position and domain structure (CAD, Tp1). In data blocks namesĀ the capital letter corresponds to domain (shown on the right) while number indicate codon position. Additional information and domain names are given in Additional file 6: Table S5

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