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Fig. 3

From: Resolved phylogeny and biogeography of the root pathogen Armillaria and its gasteroid relative, Guyanagaster

Fig. 3

Time-calibrated phylogeny generated from Bayesian analysis of three gene regions (28S, EF1α, RPB2) from 19 Armillaria species, two Desarmillaria species and two Guyanagaster species. Geographic origin of each specimen is indicated by the box to the left of the name: red = Neotropics, blue = Australasia, brown = temperate South America, lime green = Eurasia, purple = North America, and turquoise = Africa. Boxes at ancestral nodes correspond to the most probable ancestral range at that node as presented in Additional file 4. Geologic epochs are noted above the time scale. Numbers at nodes correspond to lineages in Table 1 and Additional file 4. Dark grey bars correspond to the 95% HPD and correspond to the values in Table 1. The map in the lower left hand corner represents the proposed dispersal pattern

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