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Fig. 1

From: Low genetic but high morphological variation over more than 1000 km coastline refutes omnipresence of cryptic diversity in marine nematodes

Fig. 1

Location of the four sampling sites (indicated by numbers) in the northeastern region of Brazil. The direction of the two main water currents (North Brazil current and the Brazil current) is indicated with arrows. The haplotype networks of P. gynodiporata sp. n. in each of the four studied beaches are in boxes with colors corresponding to the sampling sites indicated by the numbers in the map: 1. Flecheiras - Ceará State (CE); 2. Muriú - Rio Grande do Norte State (RN); 3. Cupe - Pernambuco State (PE); 4. Ponta Verde - Alagoas State (AL). Haplotypes are indicated by letters (corresponding to the first letter(s) of the name of the sampling site) followed by numbers (corresponding to the order in which haplotypes were detected in this study) and the size of the circles correspond to the haplotype frequency

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