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Fig. 8

From: Low genetic but high morphological variation over more than 1000 km coastline refutes omnipresence of cryptic diversity in marine nematodes

Fig. 8

Paracanthonchus gynodiporata sp. n. Detailed reconstruction of the head region showing the mouth armature indicating the number and position of teeth, especially the ventrosublateral, which are variable and an important feature in the literature. The numbers between brackets correspond to the number of the referred structure when different from 1. Abbreviations: ICS - Insertion of the cephalic setae (4); IOLS - insertion of the outer labial setae (6) which is at the same level of the outer labial setae composing a single circle with 10 sensilla (4 + 6); ILS - inner labial sensilla (6); MO - mouth opening; L - labium (6); DT - dorsal hollow tooth; VST - ventrosublateral teeth; PL - pharynx lumen; BC - body cuticle; CR - cheilorhabdia (12); CRP - prolongation of the cheilorhabdia beneath labial cuticle (12); OLS - outer labial setae; CS - cephalic setae

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