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Fig. 4

From: Duplication and concerted evolution of MiSp-encoding genes underlie the material properties of minor ampullate silks of cobweb weaving spiders

Fig. 4

Comparison of theridiid (top) and orb-web weaver (bottom) MiSp spacers. Theridiid MiSp spacers are aligned for L. hesperus (Lh), L. tredecimguttatus (Lt), L. geometricus (Lg), S. grossa (Sg), and P. tepidariorum (Pt). Orb-web weaver MiSp spacers aligned for A. ventricosus (Av), A. diadematus (Ad), Argiope argentata (Aar), Nephila antipodiana (Na), N. clavipes (Nc), Nephilengys cruentata (Ncr), and Deinopis spinosa (Ds) following [30]. See Table 1 and Additional file 1: Table S4 for accession numbers. Note that the sequence of spacers in the Pt MiSp N and C-terminal encoding cDNAs shown here are identical to spacers found in Pt MiSp_v1

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