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Fig. 2

From: The phylogeny of fossil whip spiders

Fig. 2

Images of a syntype of the only living paleoamblypygid Paracharon caecus Hansen, 1921 (Paracharontidae) which lives in termites nests in Guinea Bissau (West Africa). a-b Entire animal in dorsal and ventral view; scale bar equals 5 mm. c-d Close up of the pedipalp and its spination in dorsal and ventral view. e Enlarged lateral view of pedipalp in life position. f Original label. Abbreviations as in Fig. 1. Note the projecting anterior region of the carapace and the pedipalps which articulate up and down and have relatively weak spination. In carapace shape and details of the pedipalp this putatively plesiomorphic Recent species resembles the Carboniferous fossil Graeophonus anglicus Pocock, 1911

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