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Fig. 6

From: A genetic chronology for the Indian Subcontinent points to heavily sex-biased dispersals

Fig. 6

Tree of mtDNA haplogroup H2b based on ML age estimates for modern sequences. Population codes: ALT—Altai, DEN—Denmark, GER—Germany, GIH—Gujarati Indian from Houston, Texas, GRE—Greece, IND—India (without more details regarding location within India; the sample marked with “?” is possibly Indian), IRA—Iraq, KHA—Khamnigan, PAK—Pakistan, PJL—Punjabi from Lahore, Pakistan, RUS—Russia, TSI—Tuscans from Italy (the Additional file 1: Table S2). The ancient Yamnaya sample has been radiocarbon dated to 3010–2622 calibrated years BCE (Before Common Era) [52]; ancient Srubnaya sample dates to 1850–1600 BCE [77]

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