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Table 3 Results of recombination analysis on the slpA MSA

From: Surface layer proteins from virulent Clostridium difficile ribotypes exhibit signatures of positive selection with consequences for innate immune response

Ribotype Parent Sequence Recombination Detection Method P-Value Amino Acid position
RT 017 RT 012 RDB 4.98 x 10−6 1 – 33
RT 027 RT 001 RDB 3.44 x 10−6 174 – 209
  1. Recombination events detected using RDP v3.44 (Martin and Rybicki, 2000) are displayed. Details of ribotype; the ribotype of the parent sequence with which recombination has occurred; detection method; P-value, and the position of the recombination event in the multiple sequence alignment are all given