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Fig. 11

From: Exploring the evolutionary origin of floral organs of Erycina pusilla, an emerging orchid model system

Fig. 11

Oncidiinae model summarizing expression of MADS-box genes involved in the differentiation of the perianth of Oncidium Gower Ramsey (left) and E. pusilla (right). Clade 1 AP3-like OMADS5 and EpMADS15 and clade 1 AGL6-like genes OMADS7 and EpMADS3 are expressed in the sepals and petals of both species. Clade 2 AP3-like OMADS3 is expressed in the entire perianth of O. Gower Ramsey whereas EpMADS14 is only expressed in the lateral sepals of E. pusilla. Clade 2 AGL6-like genes OMADS1 and EpMADS5 are expressed in the lip only of both species. Clade 3 AP3-like OMADS9 and EpMADS13 are expressed in the petals and lip of both species. Clade 3 AGL6-like gene EpMADS4 is only expressed in the lateral sepals of E. pusilla [Illustrations by Bas Blankevoort]

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