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Fig. 2

From: Exploring the evolutionary origin of floral organs of Erycina pusilla, an emerging orchid model system

Fig. 2

General overview of E. pusilla flowers, pollinator and floral parts. a Five floral stages of E. pusilla [Photo by Rogier van Vugt]. b A female Centris poecila bee pollinating a flower of Tolumnia guibertiana, a close relative of E. pusilla, in Cuba [Photo by Angel Vale], showing the function of the stelidia and callus in freshly opened flowers of these orchids, i.e. attraction and providing a holdfast for the pollinator. c Frontal view of fully developed stelidia. d Adaxial side (with respect to the floral axis) of a flower. e Abaxial side (with respect to the floral axis). Abbreviations: s(cl) = callus; lse = lateral sepal; mse = median sepal; pe = petal; s(sl) = stelidium; fs = fertile stamen

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