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Table 1 Steinernema and Xenorhabdus species and strains considered in this study

From: Fitness costs of symbiont switching using entomopathogenic nematodes as a model

Steinernema host species Strain name and geographic origin GenBank accession no. (12S/28S rRNA) Xenorhabdus symbiont species Bacterial strain abbreviation GenBank accession no. 16S rRNA Bacterial genome accession no. Source
S. carpocapsae All; USA AY944007/ AF331900 X. nematophila Xn GU480972 FN887742 P. Stock
S. feltiae FL; FL, USA GU569030/ GU569049 X. bovienii XbfFL KF437819 PRJEB4320 K. Nguyen
S. feltiae Moldova; Moldova KF437815/ KF437816 X. bovienii XbfM KF437821 PRJEB4321 B. Adams
S. feltiae SN; France GU569031/ GU569050 X. bovienii XbfSN GU480976 PRJEB4319 P. Stock
S. intermedium Type; SC, USA AY944014/ AF331909 X. bovienii Xbi KF437822 PRJEB4327 P. Stock
S. kraussei Quebec; Canada GU569034/ GU569053 X. bovienii XbkCA KF437825 PRJEB4324 G. Belair
S. kraussei Nemasys-L; USA KF437817/ KF437818 X. bovienii XbkBU KF437824 PRJEB4325 Becker-Underwood
S. jollieti Monsanto; MO, USA GU569032/ GU569051 X. bovienii Xbj KF437823 PRJEB4326 Monsanto
S. oregonense OS-10; OR, USA AY944021/ AF331891 X. bovienii Xbo KF437826 PRJEB4323 P. Stock
S. puntauvense Li6; Costa Rica GU569037/ GU569056 X. bovienii Xbp KF437827 PRJEB4322 L. Uribe