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Fig. 4

From: Eobowenia gen. nov. from the Early Cretaceous of Patagonia: indication for an early divergence of Bowenia?

Fig. 4

Comparison between the stomatal complexes of Eobowenia incrassata (a, specimen v52265), Bowenia spectabilis (b), Almargemia dentata (c, specimen S085614) and Macrozamia plurinervia (d). a Stomatal complex in Eobowenia incrassata with flush guard cells, thickening of the apertural cuticle of the guard cells and cuticular ridge. b Stomatal complex in Bowenia spectabilis, showing similarities to Eobowenia. c Stomatal complex in Almargemia dentata, showing the sunken guard cells. d Stomatal complex in Macrozamia heteromera, showing similarly sunken guard cells. a and b are maximum intensity projections of confocal stacks, c a light micrograph and d a fluorescence micrograph. Scale bars: 50 μm

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