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Fig. 5

From: Natural selection drove metabolic specialization of the chromatophore in Paulinella chromatophora

Fig. 5

Genetic concordance between in silico evolved chromatophores and the chromatophore model (iCV265). The area under the curve indicates the predictive accuracy for evolved chromatophores (i.e. simulations) obtained under Proposed and Randomized Nutrients conditions. Proposed Nutrients: simulation with metabolites proposed as nutrients in the iCV265 model (Fig. 2) and Randomized Nutrients: simulations with randomized metabolites assigned as nutrients (Additional file 3: Table S1). Area under the curve: Proposed Nutrients =0.7742 (p-value = 2.853E-26); Randomized Nutrients =0.5987 (p-value = 1.42E-4)

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