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Fig. 4

From: Low genetic and phenotypic divergence in a contact zone between freshwater and marine sticklebacks: gene flow constrains adaptation

Fig. 4

Cline analysis of the small scale-data set (from OddM only), showing results for the loci 2620, 11,996, 35,236, 16,548, 32,060, 32,994 and Eda and for the following quantitative traits: numbers of plates, centroid size, PC1, PC2, PC3 (of body shape variation), parasites in trunk and black spot disease. Plots show the maximum-likelihood cline and observed frequency data over the associated fuzzy cline region (95% credible cline region, indicated by grey). The distance indicates the distance to the sea (Nor = 0, see Table 1 for details). For each locality the mean was calculated and plotted

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