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Fig. 2

From: Drift, selection, or migration? Processes affecting genetic differentiation and variation along a latitudinal gradient in an amphibian

Fig. 2

a Approximate distribution of R. arvalis in Europe. The map is based on information in Gasc et al. [116] (blue dots and open circles), and updated with information from the Swedish Species Information Centre (http://artfaktaartdatabankense/taxon/208250), Sillero et al. [84], and own observations (black dots). b Allelic distribution of MHC Class II alleles and c RCO8640 in 12 R arvalis populations (B: Besbyn (Luleå); F: Ernäs (Luleå); N: Nydalasjön (Umeå); H: Holmsjön (Umeå); ÖA: Österbybruk (Uppsala); V: Valsbrunna (Uppsala); R: Räften (Skåne); S: Sjöhusen (Skåne); T: Tvedöra (Skåne), M: Mardorf (Germany), Se: Seebeckwiesen (Germany). A: Altwarmbüchen (Germany)). Colour coding scheme for MHC alleles is given in the (Additional file 5: Fig. S2)

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