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Fig. 2

From: The first data on the innervation of the lophophore in the rhynchonelliform brachiopod Hemithiris psittacea: what is the ground pattern of the lophophore in lophophorates?

Fig. 2

Details of lophophore organization in Hemithiris psittacea; SEM. a A portion of the lophophore brachium, viewed from the brachial fold. b Two rows of tentacles (inner and outer) and the brachial fold, viewed from the top. c The base of the lophophore arm, viewed from the outer side. The layer of glandular cells is visible (gl). Abbreviations: bf – brachial fold; gc – openings of glandular cells along the lateroabfrontal side of tentacle; gl – layer of glandular cells at the base of the outer side of the lophophore; it – inner tentacle; itb – swollen base of inner tentacles; lb. – lophophore base; ot – outer tentacle

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