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Fig. 2

From: Genetic diversity and differentiation patterns in Micromeria from the Canary Islands are congruent with multiple colonization dynamics and the establishment of species syngameons

Fig. 2

Principal coordinates analyses (PCoA) and UPGMA dendrogram using pairwise uNeiD distances between all populations with at least four individuals. For the PCoA, three analyses were performed: all populations; populations belonging to Gran Canaria; and the ones belonging to the western islands and M. lepida from La Gomera. In the analysis containing all populations a dashed line divides the eastern and western lineages. The vertical and horizontal axes explained respectively: 33.1 and 8.3% of the variation for the all island analyses, 31.9 and 10.4% for the Gran Canaria analyses and 17.6 and 13.9% for the western group analyses. Islands are represented by the following abbreviations: La (Lanzarote). GC (Gran Canaria). LG (La Gomera); LP (La Palma); EH (El Hierro)

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