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Fig. 1

From: Mandibulate convergence in an armoured Cambrian stem chelicerate

Fig. 1

General anatomy of Habelia optata, morphs A (d-g) and B (a-c, h). a ROMIP 64357. b USNM 139209 (inset is (h)). c ROMIP 64358. d ROMIP 64359. e Close-up of the mandibles on the counterpart of (d) (wet specimen). f Close-up of the distal telson piece in (g) (wet specimen). g Holotype USNM 57693 (inset is (f)). h Close-up on cephalic ornamentation akin to trilobite prosopon in (b). All pictures taken under cross-polarized light. For abbreviations, see Methods. Scale bars: (a), 4 mm; (b), 3 mm; (c, d, g), 2 mm; (e, f, h), 1 mm

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