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Table 2 Helgesen et al., [42] parameter space

From: When honesty and cheating pay off: the evolution of honest and dishonest equilibria in a conventional signalling game

Parameter Standard E85 model Choice-of-state model
V 100 100
C SS 15 100, 200
C WW 15 15
C SW 15 75
C WS 50, 70 50, 75
F a 5 5
F p 5 5
F f 0, 5 0, 5
  1. Where V denotes the value of the contested resource, C WW and C SS denote the expected costs of a fight between two weak and two strong individuals respectively; C SW , and C WS is the expected cost for a strong animal fighting a weak and vice versa; and finally, F p denotes the cost of waiting if the opponent attacks unconditionally