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Fig. 3

From: Origin, evolution, and divergence of plant class C GH9 endoglucanases

Fig. 3

Characterizing the carbohydrate binding module (CBM49). a Multiple sequence alignment of the CBM49 in class C GH9 endoglucanases. This region has been highlighted in the presented alignment, and suggests a conservation, in not just the overall structure, but also several key residues (W| F| Y; K| R| N| H| Q). Additionally, the highest (p1) and the lowest (p20) scoring patterns that approximate CBM49 have been illustrated. The rudimentary p20 derived from class C sequences was found in several organisms (n = 194), including classes A and B of plant GH9 members, b WebLogo of the carbohydrate binding domain 49 of putative class C plant GH9 endoglucanases. Truncated sequences with a well defined 81 AA region corresponding to the CBM49 were utilized to construct this, and c Analysis of 20 patterns spanning the CBM49 with number of matched sequences (Sm), fitness (Fs), and randomly matched sequences (log(Rm=R)) as indices. Abbreviations: AA, amino acids; CBM49, carbohydrate binding module; Fs, fitness score; GH9, glycoside hydrolase; Sm, number of sequences with matches; Rm, number of randomly matched sequences

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