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Fig. 4

From: Origin, evolution, and divergence of plant class C GH9 endoglucanases

Fig. 4

Pattern analysis and major findings in selected plant GH9 endoglucanases. a Distribution and presence of high- and low-fitness strength CBM49-spanning patterns (53 'hits' on 4 sequences) in characterized class C enzymes, b Taxonomic distribution of the low strength p20 (n2 = 291), and c Analysis of the presence of all 20 CBM49-spanning patterns in selected sequences of classes A, B, and C (n = 187). Clearly, the ubiquitous presence of p20 favours its use as an index of the presence of CBM49 in non class C taxa. The higher strength patterns (p1-p17) are limited to putative class C GH9 endoglucanases. Abbreviations: CBM49, carbohydrate binding module; GH9, glycoside hydrolase; p20, pattern 20

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