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Fig. 5

From: Origin, evolution, and divergence of plant class C GH9 endoglucanases

Fig. 5

Insights into divergence of plant class C GH9 endoglucanases. A Bayesian inference (BI) dated tree was estimated (maximum clade credibility) from the computed tree population (n = 4837; burn − in = 70%) using the JTT + I + G amino acid substitution model. Whilst, node ages (= node height = branch time of the longest diverging taxa) and branch times are in Mya, support for branch points are indicated by the posterior probabilities (PP%) and bootstrap values (n = 1000; ML%), i.e., support = PP%, ML%. The root for this tree was the parent of vascular class C land plants (201 − 249 Mya). The log likelihood for this tree was (≈ − 0.1350387). Abbreviations: BI, Bayesian inference; GH9, glycoside hydrolase; I, proportion of invariant sites; G, gamma parameter; Mya, millions of years; JTT, Jones, Taylor, and Thornton

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