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Fig. 6

From: Origin, evolution, and divergence of plant class C GH9 endoglucanases

Fig. 6

Evolution, divergence, and emergence of plant class C GH9 endoglucanases. a Evolutionary theories for the emergence and divergence of classes A, B, and C plant GH9 endoglucanases. The major considerations in proposing these were data gleaned from the time trees, and analysis of the sequences for the presence and/ or absence the transmembrane, signal peptides, and the CBM49 itself. b Phylogenetic and bioinformatics analysis of full length sequences of classes A, B, and C plants endoglucanases with one or more occurrences of p20. CBM49 attributable class C activity along with a GH9 domain was present in early land plants bryophytes (avascular) and tracheophytes (vascular), and suggests the presence of two class C populations which may have diverged so as to result in the newer classes A and B. Abbreviations: CBM49, carbohydrate binding module; GH9, glycoside hydrolase; p20, pattern 20

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