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Fig. 2

From: A North American stem turaco, and the complex biogeographic history of modern birds

Fig. 2

Bayesian phylogenetic analyses of a modified version of the Mayr et al. [56] dataset, conducted under a series of hierarchical topology constraints informed by the Hackett et al. [45] and Prum et al. [37] phylogenies. For simplicity, only Neoaves are shown; taxa with crosses are extinct. (a) Results of unconstrained analysis. (b) Results of analysis with extant taxa constrained to the 50% majority rule tree from Hackett et al. [45]. (c) Results of analysis with extant clades constrained to the topology from Prum et al. [37]. Colored branches in (c) reflect those used by Prum et al. [37]. Node support values are Bayesian posterior probabilities; Foro panarium is supported as the sister taxon to crown Musophagidae under all constraints and optimality criteria

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