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Fig. 1

From: Diverse RNA interference strategies in early-branching metazoans

Fig. 1

Genomic context of endo-siRNA and piRNA cluster expression for unique and multi-mapping clusters. Each colour-coded segment represents the percentage of endo-siRNA or piRNA clusters mapping to the specified genomic elements. Percentages slightly exceed 100% due to some regions of the genome encoding multiple types of element. The genome column shows the percentage of the genome covered by the specified genomic elements. For Drosophila, d1) 12–24 h embryo, d2) first instar larvae 1, d3) first instar larvae 2, d4) third instar larvae 1, d5) third instar larvae 2, d6) 0–1 day pupae, d7) 2–4 day pupae 1, d8) 2–4 day pupae 2, d9) male adult body, d10) female adult body, d11) female adult head; Amphimedon a1) pre-competent larvae, a2) competent larvae, a3) juvenile, a4) adult; Mnemiopsis, m1) Mnemiopsis 1, m2) Mnemiopsis 2; Nematostella, n1) unfertilized eggs, n2) blastula, n3) gastrula, n4) early planula larvae, n5) late planula larvae, n6) metamorphosing, n7) primary polyp, n8) male adult, n9) female adult

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