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Fig. 5

From: Diverse RNA interference strategies in early-branching metazoans

Fig. 5

Characterisation of Mnemiopsis 25-mer clusters. The Mnemiopsis 25-mer clusters were annotated using the same methods employed for characterisation of the three known RNAi classes. a Read length distribution of all mapped sRNAs from the Woods Hole, MA, USA library (Mnemiopsis 1) and the Miami, FL, USA library (Mnemiopsis 2). Distinct reads (red) and total read counts (blue) of all mapped sRNA size classes reveals peaks of mapped sRNAs at 21 and 25 nt in both libraries. b Nucleotide biases along the length of all sRNAs mapping to 25-mer clusters. sRNAs were anchored at their 5′ nucleotide and biases are displayed as a percentage of the contribution of each nucleotide at each position. Of note is the tendency for a uracil at position 1. c Genomic context of 25-mer cluster expression (as per Fig. 1) demonstrates the lack of enrichment of 25-mer clusters from coding genes or transposons. d Randfold results (as per Fig. 2) demonstrate a lack of evidence for secondary structure in 25-mer clusters

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