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Fig. 3

From: Classification, substrate specificity and structural features of D-2-hydroxyacid dehydrogenases: 2HADH knowledgebase

Fig. 3

Sequence logos of selected regions critical for substrate and cofactor binding in the nine biochemically studied 2HADH subfamilies. The structure-based alignment was obtained for selected structures with PROMALS3D and used as a seed alignment for other 2HADH sequences from 111 representative organisms. The sequence logos were generated with WebLogo, showing columns for which in at least one subfamily at least 90% members possess an amino acid (i.e., with at most 10% gapped positions). Rectangles with colored backgrounds comprise loops implicated in substrate specificity. Catalytic triad residues are denoted by red triangles. Sequence logos of the full-length alignments are shown in Additional file 7: Figure S3

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