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Fig. 1

From: A new zygodactylid species indicates the persistence of stem passerines into the early Oligocene in North America

Fig. 1

Holotype specimen of Zygodactylus ochlurus n.sp. (YPM VPPU 17053) with interpretive drawing and geologic context. a Main slab and b counterpart of holotype, with c-d two interstitial fragments. e Line drawing with outlines from part, counterpart, and fragments superimposed. Abbreviations: c, coracoid; cmc, carpometacarpus; dpdm, distal phalanx digiti majoris; f, femur; h, humerus; mn, mandible; mt1, first metatarsal; mx, maxillary rostrum; o, occiput; oc, os coxa; of, omal extremity of furcula; p, palatine fragment; ppdm, proximal phalanx digit majoris; q, quadrate; r, radius; sac, synsacrum; sc, scapula; st, sternum; t, tibiotarsus; tmt, tarsometatarsus; u, ulna; ue, ulnare. f Simplified geologic map of the Upper Ruby River Basin. Inset shows location of the map in Southwestern Montana. Orange overlay indicates surface extent of Renova Fm [61]

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