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Fig. 4

From: Morphological diversification of biomechanical traits: mustelid locomotor specializations and the macroevolution of long bone cross-sectional morphology

Fig. 4

Differences in humeral, radial, and ulnar CSA and SMA among mustelid locomotor habits. Differences in CSA, SMAML, and SMACC were tested at 5% increments along each bone’s length. CSA and SMA were rendered dimensionless by respectively taking the square and fourth root and dividing by bone length. Colored symbols indicate a significant difference (Adjusted P < 0.05) for the indicated pairwise comparison at a given increment. A lack of significant pairwise differences for a given increment indicates an overall ANOVA result of P > 0.0026 for that increment (the Bonferroni-corrected P-value). For the mechanical significance of these traits, see Fig. 1

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