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Fig. 1

From: Genetic diversity of the Thao people of Taiwan using Y-chromosome, mitochondrial DNA and HLA gene systems

Fig. 1

Geographic distribution of the Taiwan indigenous peoples. Numbers indicate the sampling locations of the people: Atayal (1-Wulai, 2-Chenshih, 3-Wufen); Taroko (4-Hsiulin); Saisiyat (5-Wufen, 6-Nanchuang); Bunun (7-Hsin-I); Tsou (8-Tapang); Rukai (9-Wutai); Paiwan (10-Lai-I); Amis (11-Kuangfu,); Puyuma (12-Peinan); Tao (13-Lanyu); Pazeh (14-Fengyuan, 15-Puli,16-Liyutan); Siraya (17-Tanei, 18-Tsochen) and the Thao people (19) scattered from Yuchih/Yuchi Village to Shueili/Shuili Village in Nantou County with about 600 Thao people today

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