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Table 4 RDA results for both triads considered jointly and each triad separately

From: Population genomics of rapid evolution in natural populations: polygenic selection in response to power station thermal effluents

Dataset Percent Total Constrained Variance FST Explained Explanatory Variables PVE FST Explained per variable
Both Triads 0.77% 6.5% dbMEM-1*** 0.40% 3.4%
Effluents*** 0.36% 3.1%
Oyster Creek 0.99% 54.6% dbMEM-1*** 0.51% 27.9%
Effluents*** 0.49% 26.8%
Brayton Point 1.73% 27.3% dbMEM-1*** 0.86% 13.5%
Effluents*** 0.89% 13.9%
  1. Asterisks denote significance of the variable in pRDA after conditioning the genetic data on all other variables, PTCV is percent total constrained variance among the major principal components of genetic variation for the full model, FST explained is the portion of among population genetic differentiation (FST) explained by the total constrained variance weighted by the variance retained in the major principal components of genetic variation, PVE is percent of variance that is explained by each of the explanatory variable according to variance partitioning. Significant explanatory variables are indicated with the following symbols: ***P = 0.001